Welcome New Students, Faculty, and Staff

Before you start, please make sure you retrieve your NetID and password. This is the username and password that you setup earlier this summer and may have used for your language exam. The NetID is a short username, such as "abc12" and it is different from your Student ID, which looks like "S01234567". An easy way to remember your NetID is that it's usually your initials followed by a number.

If you have forgotten your password, use iforgot.rice.edu to reset it.


Getting Started

Rice Acceptable Use Policy, Digital Copyright Compliance and Computer Security

In order to use computers on the Rice Network, all users must:

  1. Adhere and comply to the Rice Acceptable Use Policy.
  2. Adhere and comply with the Digital Copyright Compliance at Rice.
    If you are cought downloading illegal content on any of our networks, including Rice Visitor, your network access will be suspended and you will be fined $150.
  3. Protect your computer by securing your computer from phishing, malware, and viruses.

Using your Google Account

Rice uses Google Applications for calendars, document sharing, and email. To learn how to use your Google account, click the link below:

Google Accounts

Getting Connected

Step 1. Connect your computer to the Rice network and set it up to use the Rice printers.:

Microsoft Windows Mac OS Linux Flavor

Step 2. Connect your Devices such as game consoles and an iPhone to the Rice network.

Many of you will have arrived at Rice with a variety of devices and consoles that make use of the internet for advanced functionality. This section of the orientation tools will provide you specific instructions on how to connect those devices to the Rice network and gain access to the online functionality of the device. Please choose your device from the options below.

Video Game Consoles

PlayStation 3 PlayStation 2 XBox Xbox360 Wii

Phones/Music Players


Step 3. Connecting to Owl Space

Owlspace is the Rice Course & Collaboration Management system. Many of your classes will use this system to distribute and return assignments as well as send class announcemnts. Click on the image below to take a look at our quick user guide.


Step 5. Connecting with Joe IT Guy

Joe IT Guy is the representative of IT. To find out how to connect with him and how he can help you, click below.

Joe ITGuy

Need Technical Support?

Stop by the Help Desk.
Mudd Building Room 103, Monday to Friday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., 713-348-HELP (713-348-4357)

Ask one of the SCCs (Student Computer Consultants) to help you.
SCC contact information can be found located in your College Lab. An SCC can help you connect to the network, identify if your computer needs to be brought to the Help Desk, help you with printing in the lab or other campus printers!

Check our online documentation: http://docs.rice.edu

Visit the IT Self Help Portal: https://my.rice.edu/ITSelfService