Welcome New Students, Faculty, and Staff

The NetID is your unique login credential. The NetID is established within 24-48 hours in which you will receive an email that includes your NetID and Rice ID upon completion of your acceptance or employment status.

NetID is a short username, typically your initials followed by a number, like "abc1".
Rice Student ID is an "S" followed by 8 digits, such as "S01234567". and a Rice Employee ID is an "E" followed by 8 digits, such as "E01234567".

When can I activate my NetID?

Activate Your NetID | Manage Your NetID Account

Activate Your NetID: Activation is for new faculty, staff and students only. If you have previous affiliation at Rice and was issued an account, please contact the Help Desk.
Manage Your NetID Account: Account Summary, Change Password, Create Email Alias, Select Primary Email Alias, VPN Access.
Reset NetID Password | Forgot Password?

MyNetID.rice.edu | Account Management Instructions and Help

Getting Started

Rice Acceptable Use Policy, Digital Copyright Compliance and Computer Security

In order to use computers on the Rice Network, all users must:

  1. Adhere and comply to the Rice Acceptable Use Policy.
  2. Adhere and comply with the Digital Copyright Compliance at Rice.
    If you are caught downloading illegal content on any of our networks, including Rice Visitor, your network access will be suspended and you will be fined $150.
  3. Protect your computer and data by securing your computer from phishing, malware, and viruses.

Rice GSuite for Education (previously: Google Apps for Education)

Rice undergraduates use Google Applications for calendars, document sharing, and email.
Rice faculty, staff, and graduate students use Google Applications for calendar and document sharing only. Email is managed through Rice webmail.

To learn how to use your Google account, click the link below:

Google Accounts

Getting Connected

Step 1. Connect your computer to the Rice network and set it up to use the Rice printers.

Microsoft Windows Mac OS Linux Flavor /> Printer

Step 2. Connect your Devices such as game consoles and mobile devices to the Rice network.

Many of you will have arrived at Rice with a variety of devices and consoles that make use of the internet for advanced functionality. We can only setup these devices on the wired network at this time. The following is a list of devices for which there is a setup guide:
Connecting Your Game Console Guide
Connecting Your Smart Phone and Mobile Devices.

Step 3. Connecting to Owl Space or Canvas

Owlspace and Canvas are the Rice Course Management Systems. Many of your classes will use one of these systems to distribute and return assignments as well as send class announcemnts. Click on the image below to take a look at our quick user guide.

Owl-space Owl-space

Office of Information Technology Resources

The Rice Office of Information Technology offers a considerable amount of resources. The following is a list of resources.
Rice Office of Information Technology
Rice KnowledgeBase Rice OIT publishes a KnowledgeBase which is a compendium of information compiled by service owners from the IT Department.
IT Support Services | Quick Links | OIT Forms | Open a Support Services Ticket
MyNetID.rice.edu | Account Management Instructions
Software Available for Faculty, Staff, Graduate Students
Software Available for Students
Laptop Purchase Guidelines for Students Provided by OIT Student Computing Consultants
OIT Self-Service Portal | Change NetID password | View print charges

Need Technical Support?

Rice OIT Help Desk
Location: Mudd Building Room 103
Hours: Monday to Friday | 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Phone: 713-348-4357 (713-348-HELP)
Request for Help: IT Support Services

Walk-In OIT Services | Mudd 103: SCCs (Student Computer Consultants) can help with technical issues including - connectivity to the network; printing; virus and malware removal; and diagnose hardware & software problems.